Retirement Permit | 50 Years Young

Retire to Mauritius - you're plan B solved

Retiring to this island paradise has never been easier. We understand the future of South Africa can be described as "unsure" at best. Our Mauritius retirement permit allows anyone aged 50+ to gain residency in Mauritius, and yes, your family is eligible too.

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Why Mauritius?

An offering like none other

From offering superior schooling for your children to exceptional living standards for you, Mauritius offers an unbeatable lifestyle for everyone. No longer just a holiday resort destination, Mauritius has fast become the chosen destination where families, businesses and retirees thrive.

The Mauritian lifestyle has never been better, boasting attractions such as Woolworths stores, Vida cafés, large shopping centres, multiple golf courses, hiking, and exceptional beaches. Combined with the attractive tax climate and realistic cost of living, ensures that Mauritius offers you a winning destination.

The advantages include:

  • Retire to Mauritius from South Africa
    A favourable fiscal regime
  • Retiring to Mauritius
    Strong financial and business sector
  • Moving to Mauritius from South Africa
    An emerging country, boasting advanced information and communication technologies
  • Mauritius Visa Requirements
    Location, GMT +4

Superior Living

Gain residency and live in paradise

Tight restrictions on foreigners are a thing of the past. The Mauritius retirement permit boasts low restrictions when it comes to your property choice. Zero restrictions on rentals allowing you to spend anywhere from R4000 to R10000 on your monthly rent. Beach villas to plantation houses – Mauritius offers it all and with a guarantee that you'll never be more than a few minutes from the ocean.

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What our clients had to say

Exceptional Lifestyle

Living the way it should be

Students of Mauritius consistently rank globally in Cambridge International O Levels, International A and AS Level examinations. No matter your children’s age, from prep school to senior school, Mauritius has a wide choice that meets international standards.

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An Island Like No Other

Your first choice plan B

Retiring to this island paradise is now easier than ever. With years of experience, you can rest easy knowing that with Retire to you are in the right hands. No matter whether you’re looking at Mauritius retirement requirements, becoming a resident, considering emigrating to Mauritius, or simply doing your homework on the cost of living, health insurance or hospitals, we are here to help you make your move an easy one.

We offer all our clients unparalleled service when it comes to their move. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to moving to a new country and questions we are commonly asked are: “Which is the best hospital in Mauritius?”, “Will I get bored living there?”, “Can I bring my pet?”, and “Who should I contact regarding a place to rent?”. We are here to answer all your questions and help you make the transition an easier one.

We can help with:

  • Retiring from South Africa
  • Mauritius visa requirements
  • Emigrating to Mauritius
  • Retiring from abroad
  • Work in Mauritius and much more
  • Hospitals in Mauritius

Superior Living

Gain residency, save tax and retire to this island paradise

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